If you’ve decided to parent or place your child for adoption, birth is a part of the process. 

However, while it can be nerve-racking, painful, and come with many unknowns, it can also be a beautiful and worthwhile experience as you welcome a new child into the world.

Keep reading for some tips if you are feeling afraid of giving birth.

1. Learn About Labor and Delivery

Even though birth might be new to you, your body knows what to do. It’s a natural process.

When the time is right, your body will begin to trigger contractions and early labor. Early labor will then turn into active labor, birth, and the delivery of the placenta.

Learn about each stage so you are familiar with what to expect. Knowing what happens will remove some unknowns and help you feel more comfortable.

2. Research Your Pain Management Options

It’s not a secret that birth can be painful. However, don’t let movies and TV shows scare you.

There are many pain management options you can talk about with your doctor, including epidurals, which are a very common method.

If you prefer a natural birth, you can prepare by learning breathing techniques, taking classes, and doing certain exercises and stretches. 

Review the pros and cons and create a birth plan you feel confident in. However, keep in mind that sometimes birth can be unexpected, and doctors may need to intervene and change the plan for your safety.

3. Talk with Other Women

Many women have given birth. Talk with your friends or family who have given birth before about their experiences and perspectives. Ask for encouragement or tips to help you.

Keep in mind that every woman’s experience will be different. If you hear a negative story, that doesn’t mean the same thing will happen to you. However, it is helpful to see that even in those cases, women have made it through.

You’ve Got This!

You can feel more assured about birth by getting informed, creating a plan, and talking with other women. 

Make sure to keep a healthy perspective. While it can be a challenging experience, set your mind on the goal: parenting or adoption. Whether you are growing your family or bravely helping a hopeful family grow theirs, this experience will be worth it.

Are you interested in pregnancy services, talking with a nurse, or learning about parenting resources? Contact Heart to Heart today. We’re here to support and encourage you.

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