Adoption is the process of transferring the responsibilities of parenting to a hopeful, adoptive family. While this choice isn’t always easy emotionally, it can provide flexibility and a chance to have a continued relationship with the child when ready.

Although Heart to Heart is not an adoption agency, we connect with many adoption resources and agencies who will join us at our clinic.

Adoption Considerations

Every pregnancy option comes with challenges, and adoption is no different.

Adoption involves carrying a pregnancy to term and then subsequently placing the child in adoption. This can lead to a sense of loss for women who have stronger maternal desires than maybe they first thought they would.

However, birth mothers do have control over the adoption process. They get to choose the adoption plan, the adoptive family, and the amount of contact they’d like to have, and they can even change their minds.

Types of Adoption Plans

There are three types of adoption plans: open, semi-open, and closed. Most adoptions in the United States are considered open, but a semi-open or closed plan could be the best arrangement in certain situations.

Open Adoption

In this form of adoption, the birth mother and the family share identifying information and can have ongoing communication. The exact terms will be set in the plan.

Closed Adoption

In a closed adoption, the identifying information of the biological parent(s) remains sealed. Women who want to stay anonymous and prefer privacy for safety or personal reasons may choose this adoption plan.

Semi-Open Adoption

In a semi-open adoption, communication between the adoptive family and the birth mother occurs through a third party, typically the adoption agency. It’s a combination of open and closed adoption plans.

Thinking About Adoption?

If you feel adoption is right for you, we can help direct you to the right adoption professionals that best support your values, goals, and adoption plan.

We encourage you to schedule a free, confidential appointment today for further information and assistance you need.

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