Missed your period? The first step is a pregnancy test, which you may have already taken on your own.

Although drugstore tests are usually very accurate if taken according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, certain factors such as timing can make them inaccurate.

We provide free, reliable pregnancy testing at Heart to Heart, so you can confirm your results. Our team of registered nurses can answer your questions in a confidential setting.

Positive Pregnancy Test

If your pregnancy test result is positive at our center, it will indicate it’s time for an ultrasound. This will give you key health details to determine your next step.

While the possibility of a pregnancy can be intimidating, finding out for sure in the presence of a nurse can bring more clarity to the situation.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Our pregnancy tests measure the level of the hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in urine. This type of testing requires a urine sample at the time of your appointment.

There’s little preparation needed for this. Drink fluids as you would normally, but not in excess for the sample.

Insurance or Income Eligibility

Pregnancy tests at Heart to Heart are free and confidential without any income or insurance requirements. If you receive a positive result, the ultrasound will be provided at no cost as well.

Discussing Your Options

After pregnancy testing and ultrasound services, you will have time to process your feelings and ask any questions you might have.

Our goal is to ensure you feel supported, heard and cared for during your visit at Heart to Heart. While we do not refer for or perform abortions, we can talk about every option and provide accurate information in a safe place.

Schedule your consultation with a nurse at a time that works best for you.






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