Abortion is a big decision with lasting consequences. If you have an unexpected pregnancy, you must review all your options and understand the implications of each. 

We know that certain side effects and risks are associated with abortion, but understanding mental health effects can be confusing. We’ve broken them down for you below.

Possible Mental Health Effects

Ultimately, how you feel after an abortion procedure depends on your unique situation. Certain factors, such as feeling pressured to abort, any preexisting mental health issues, and personal beliefs, can influence your recovery.

The National Library of Medicine states that women can experience negative mental health effects following abortion, including: 

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Feelings of loss

Some women experience these feelings immediately after abortion, while others may notice these signs weeks, months, or even years afterward. Whatever you’re feeling, it is valid. And you don’t deserve to suffer.

I’ve Had an Abortion and Am Struggling. What Can I Do?

First, know you’re not the first woman to experience emotional challenges after abortion. And healing is possible. It isn’t linear, and there isn’t a set timeline, but your life can improve.

Seeking professional counseling is a great place to start. These counselors and therapists are trained in post-abortion recovery and can help you make great strides with coping tools and resources. 

Taking care of yourself matters. Try to engage in the activities you normally do, such as spending time with friends or reading a good book. These aren’t “quick fixes,” but they can introduce normalcy into your life.

Post-Abortion Counseling Offered Here

Heart to Heart PRC offers no-cost, confidential post-abortion counseling. Receive the healing you need in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Our nurses are here to help you through your journey.

Contact us today to book an appointment at our medical facility. We’re here for you.

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